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Breastfeeding Crystal Bracelet

Breastfeeding Crystal Bracelet

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Handmade with genuine Moonstone, baltic amber, rose quartz, selenite, unakite, 

This beautiful piece has been completed with high quality sterling silver clips.

  •  Baltic Amber:  Will help to relive - Headaches, neck pain, arthritis, sinus, eczema and psoriasis ,  stomach upsets ,skin conditions ,stress, anxiety, insomnia.
    Rose quartz: Enhances the mother/baby bond, both during pregnancy and after birth. It is an excellent stone to wear in order to be in the energy of love. Lastly, rose quartz supports healing after labour and birth.
    Relieving stress or anxiety. Enhancing intuitive capacity. Removing blockages and negative energies. Bringing harmony and instilling calmness to the heart and mind, Lastly selenite cleanses and charges other crystals.
  • Unakite: Promotes a positive and healthy growth for the babies. It also creates a strong connection between a mother and her child. 

     Is an all round fertility and pregnancy stone and is also a great support in labour. It has a reflective and calming energy and can balance emotions. It is also believed to aid contractions and promote health lactation.

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