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Lemon Baltic Amber , Rose Quartz and Ceyd Necklace and Bracelet sets

Lemon Baltic Amber , Rose Quartz and Ceyd Necklace and Bracelet sets

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Handmade with genuine Baltic Amber,rose quartz and ceyd 

  • Handmade with high quality polished Lemon baltic amber beads.
  • We only use genuine Baltic sea amber beads for all our jewellery. 
  • Each bead is rounded so that they lay comfortably against the child's skin. This allows maximum contact and gives added comfort to you and your child.
  • These can be worn as an anklet or a bracelet depending on sizes.
  • Below are listed a few of the many benefits of wearing different types of natural stones.
 Baltic Amber: 

▫️Reduces pain during teething period.

▫️Reduces the saliva that occurs in this period.

▫️Natural pain relief feature.

▫️It is good for insomnia.

▫️It attracts the negative energy in the environment and turns it into positive energy.

▫️It is used for gas pain in the first 3 months.

▫️It is believed to be a good protection method against the evil eye.

▫️It is good for allergies.

▫️It should be used in the neck area for the treatment of asthma, goitre, bronchitis.

Rose Quartz:

▫️Helps improve circulation and boosts heart health.

▫️Helps heal emotional wounds.

▫️Invites more compassion and care.

▫️Encourages connection.

▫️Attunes to goddess energy.

▫️Communicates all kinds of love and self-care.


▫️It is thought to have a healing effect against all ailments, both physical and mental.

▫️It has a relaxing energy.

▫️It relieves spiritual tensions and relaxes people.

▫️It relieves fear and anxiety. 

▫️It gives a sense of courage, peace and self-confidence. For this, the Ceyd stone should be rubbed in the left hand or it should be placed in the heart area.


EU toy safety regulations EN-71-1 state that necklaces and anklets are not suitable to use as toys/jewellery for children under 36 months. Please do not allow your children to play with or chew on them. Children over 36 months are to wear under adult supervision.When not being worn, keep out of reach o

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